How to Enable Undo Send Feature on OWA

  • May 18, 2018
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Oops!  So you were composing an email on Outlook Web App (OWA) and hit the send button by mistake, before finishing and reviewing it. Or you simply have that weird feeling you might have sent incorrect information or might have sent it to the wrong person.  Yikes!  Mistakes like these happen every day and to the savviest of users.  Fortunately, if you are using OWA with an Office 365 subscription, there is a way to delay your messages, giving you a bit of a chance to recall it.

The OWA Undo Send feature can be enabled and configured to delay your sent messages for up to 30 seconds, allowing you a bit of time to cancel a message before it’s actually sent to the intended recipient(s). During this time, the message remains in the Drafts folder and can be recalled by simply clicking the Undo button.  After the delay, OWA sends the message.

Clicking the “Cancel send” option will leave your message in the Drafts folder, until you review and send again.


If you compose your messages using a separate window, this feature will not apply and you will not be able to delay your message.  You may continue working with other messages while an outbound message is in its “undo send” period. This feature is available for OWA messages only. Other mail clients might have similar features needing configuration.

If you find this scenario very familiar and would like to enable it for your own OWA mailbox…

Here’s How:

  1. Sign in to your OWA Account
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Mail
  4. Under Automatic Processing, Click the Undo send option
  5. Select the Let me cancel messages I’ve sent for: option
  6. Select between 5 and 30 seconds on the following drop-down list.
  7. Click on the Save button




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